Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Ignite by Lily Paradis

After her father’s untimely demise in a mining accident and her mother’s abandonment, Lauren Lindsay is no stranger to loss. Becomes self sufficient Lauren has learned to worry about one person only and that is herself. That all works her step mother passed away asking Lauren to take care of them in her will.

Lauren's first instinct is to run, until she meets Dean Powell.

I finally decided to download this book when I saw they had it free for a day on kindle... Yeah I normally don't like to E read and I really don't like to free download books, BUT I'm waiting on a book shipment from both Barnes and Nobles and Bookdepo, so I figured why not.

I really liked the concept of Ignite. Girls family passes away leaving behind three step siblings for her to take care of. Ignite was creative and, yes it's been done before but not in the way Lily has presented it (at least not that I have read before). The story is sweet and overall it flows well. Something else that I really liked in this book was the way the romance was constantly building all leading up to this one moment. It was again something new and enjoyable.

The characters in this book were too me hit or miss. Lauren was fine, but I had a hard time connecting too her. I think if the series continues she will become a stronger and more like-able character. Either way one moment I loved the girl the next I wouldn't. The sub-characters aka the children in this book are sweet and well written along with realistic. They acted the ages they were...
Then there's Dean Powell..... HE IS WHAT MADE THIS STORY!!! He is a strongly written leading male. I really really enjoyed him. He was the perfect amount of both mystery and romance. Filled with great one liners I was never once let down by his character. His bad-boy past was something new for us to read. I would normally HATE when characters do super fast dramatic character development, but Dean's character wore it well. Didn't hurt that 99% of the time he had me melting off my chair. 

I do wish that the story did take a little more time to focus on  Lauren's relationship with the kids and little less on time with Dean (at the same time I want more Dean, so hard to even explain!). With that being said I'll lead into the few issues I had with this book.

I know Lauren is learning how to do this parenting thing but sometimes I got so mad at her choices and wanted to reach inside the book and throat punch her... BUT by the end I think she was getting way better at the whole "new mom thing". Then there was a slight issue with something said in the book. I can't go too heavy into the real reason this bothered me because I don't want to spoil anyone... But at one point Dean says he doesn't drink because of past issues, and then in one scene in the book one of Lauren's girl friends says Dean shows up to this event every year drunk... It was something so small but for some reason it really stuck with me (I think once you read it you'll pick up what I'm putting down). Then there's the editing issue. There are a few minor ones in this book, nothing to insane, nothing that was so bad that it should keep you from reading it. I know the issue has been brought to Lily's attention and has been addressed in a strong and honest way which I really respect... Link here -->

But back to the posi things... This story heavily relies on the romance and it's a good thing. It's really what carried the story. It's just a sweet little nugget and was something I found myself staying up late to read. If you want a nice wear a big sweater, drinking tea, and curling up for a quick read book this is a book I would recommend to you. If you like romance but find NA to heavy, Ignite would be perfect. Yeah, there are a few pitter patters in the plot, BUT I think as a possible series-cute-romance it hits the nail right on the head. I like that Lily brought so many new items to the table with this book. I look forward to picking up future books by her, and if this series does continue I will be getting the next one.... Gotta know what happens with my boo Dean. 

(edit- After marinating on this review for a few days I actually bumped up my rating from what I orginally had it as. Even with the few negatives I said I really did like this book. And the more I thought it over the more I get excited to see what else Lily gives us.)

8/10 Stars