Monday, January 5, 2015

Fictional Book Boyfriends Pt 2!

Since our first post got so many hits we decided to do this again! 

Like we said last time, we LOVE putting faces to the characters in our books (especially the men). So this is our spin on "dream-cast" or as some call them "fictional book boyfriends". We picked a few titles and show you who we imagined the leading men to be. To see part one just click here. And like all our other post you can click the titles to get to the reviews. 

Rush by Maya Banks 
Man hires women to be his assistant and then pulls her into his provocative world.

 Nick Bateman as Gabe Hamilton
Don't think we need to explain why.

Raw by Belle Aurora 
Girl falls in love with her stalker and the story only get crazier from there. 

Stephen James as Twitch
With all the tattoos and bad boy attitude... Sold!

The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass 
35 girls are selected to enter a contest at a chance to marry the prince.

Liam Hemsworth as Prince Maxon
we have no doubt he would make a excellent bachelor.

The Covenant Series by Jennifer Armentrout 
Girl turns out to be more than she seems, and also has to choose between the man she is destined to be with and the man shes forbidden to love.

Scott Eastwood as Seth
Someone bring us a bottle of water... This God Killer is on fire!