Saturday, November 1, 2014

Angela's October Reads

Angela's October Reads:

So October's reads were either hit or miss... Good news though they were (for me) almost all hits! I'm
going to do a review on my top pick then have a list of what I read this month following it. If it's been reviewed on our blog you'll be able to click the links and go straight to the review! If the link isn't below you can go to either of our goodreads and see the reviews there.

I really had more than one top pick this month. Stone Cold Touch, All Our Yesterdays, and Forbidden were all among my top picks for not only this month but all year. As far as misses go Nil, Unremembered, and Enclave all made that list. My top choice however is Taboo Unchained by I figured since we've already done reviews on the other ones that now would be a good time to do one for Taboo.

I was recommended this book by a fellow goodreads friend, and I choose to go through and read it because it seemed like a book that would be 1) unlike anything I normally read and 2) completely out of my comfort zone.

This story is a lovely coming of age tale where two young teens fall in love and try to save the world from the evil government... JUST KIDDING! Taboo Unchained  is a 100,000 word stand-alone dark romance. It's recommended for Ages 18+. (There is a disclaimer at the front of the book for pete's sake and that right there is how you know I was going to be out of my zone...)  
Hold onto your panties, ladies. Lucas Carter is here to show you the dark side of the sheets.It is going to be so hard to tell you much about this book without really giving anything away. This book is a dirrrrrty dirty version of Dexter... Taboo was and wasn't what I expected it to be. I mean come on we all knew this book was going to be steamy, what I didn't know was that it would be was funny, page turning, and kind of romantic. This story even has a love triangle (NO ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK ITS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD). The things that would drive me insane in a book won me over in this one. Lucas refers to himself in the third person which was so annoying at first but as the book went on it both died down and was revealed to be a necessity to really show how dramatic his character was. He is also making a reference to "the beast inside him" or his "darkness" (which is what makes this so much like Dexter that and some people get killed/murdered). I will warn you this boy has a boner 99.9% of this book... It's almost to the point where he should probably see a doctor.
Oh and when I mentioned a love triangle I should have gone further into it and really said its more like a love pentagon with no real "love"... Yeah that made some and no sense. Mainly however the "triangle" is just between Mister Carter and two other ladies (I don't want to reveal their names). The two girls however are complete night and day which I loved. That and that neither of them were petty B's. The sex was all sorts of hotness and actually takes up a lot of the plot. However, this is one story where I actually feel like sex is necessary... Yeah never thought that sentence would EVER come out my mouth. Lucas Carter is everything you love to hate in a man and OH SO MUCH MORE!!!! The first thing he say, the first line in the whole book is "My name is Lucas Carter, and I'm a fucking God." ... He is so so so so so hot but trust me when I say you wont want to love him but you wont be able not too. 

Overall this is the best and most F-d up love story ever and will more than likely be you 2014 guilty pleasure. I gave this book 10/10 not a whore stars! And yes I was blushing the whole time I wrote this review.

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