Monday, November 3, 2014

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Have you ever finished a book and then read other reviews and wondered if you and your fellow readers actually read the same book? That's how I felt after reading A&TFK. I normally love a good cheesy romance book, but this didn't even feel like that. I was expecting a super hot French guy, a silly American girl, and TONS of romance. Well, you get the first two without question.

St Clair fits the package as the French hottie who is smart and sweet and seems like the type of guy that would get all of your jokes, but he has a girlfriend for almost the entire book. Sorry, in my mind that doesn't scream romantic guy that I want to get with.. That screams douche bag that has a girlfriend but wants a friendzoned girl who he can do all the fun stuff with minus the commitment. I really wanted to like him. Trust me, I did. I just couldn't get over the fact that he had feelings for Anna most of the book while his girlfriend is across the city. They were having problems, ok cool, but then you need to break up with her before you move on to your side girl. Sorry, St. Clair, no matter how handsome and smart and funny and witty you are makes up for the fact that you were playing with two girls (well three if you count the other girl he friendzoned) because you didn't know what you wanted to do and wanted to stay "safe." Loser. Give me a guy like Roth or Daemon (shout out to JLA always) who are upfront about their douche baggy attitudes but end up being good guys any day over a "nice" guy like St. Clair.

 Anna ABSOLUTELY fits the part of the silly American girl. The whole book I was just like OMGSHUTUP. So let me get this straight, you're a poor little rich girl who's daddy sends you off to Paris for your last your of high school, but I'm supposed to feel sorry for you? I was 17 once too, and I can see where all her angsty-ness was coming from being uprooted from all her friends for her senior year. I also felt bad for her when she went back home to visit for Christmas and that rando dude she was sort of dating but not really at all announced to the entire world that her BFF is his girlfriend, not Anna. Shot through the heart on that one, but that's all I'm giving you, Anna. The rest of her time in Paris she spends hanging out with a guy she knows has a GF but "becomes best friends with him" anyway.. DEPSITE THE OTHER GIRL TELLING HER IN THE BEGINNING SHE ALREADY HAD FEELINGS FOR HIM. Way to be a D to basically you one and only friend, Anna. Anyway, the rest of the time she basically just wanders around Paris being all toursity. I cringed the most when she didn't eat for like the first week because she didn't even try to speak English to the chef at their school. Um, it's an American school in Paris. It's pretty easy to assume the dude knows at least enough English for you to be able to point at food and say you want it. GAH GET OVER YOURSELF.

 The romance. Oh there was romance in this book? Yeah, that is my question too. I didn't realize that the entire book was going to lead up to ONE kiss that finally happens at the very end of the book. Are you kidding me? I read 300 something pages of NOmance to get a kiss? This, people of the blogging world, is why I will happily stick with authors like J. Armentrout who give you the romance from the start and do it heavy handed. Sorry, Stephanie Perkins, you can take back A&TFK and keep all the rest of them. I won't be reading.

2/5 stars