Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

I borrowed this book from Angela like three months ago because she told me how awesome it was. I'm going to be honest. It has taken me FOREVER to get through this book. It's fairly long (almost 500pg) and the middle gets a little muddy with details. All in all, it was a really good book and I am glad I finally finished it.

 Lia is the princess of the kingdom of Morrighan. She is the only girl out of five kids, which makes her the First Daughter of her family. Traditionally, Morrighans believe that First Daugthers have a "gift" and are highly treasured. The book opens with Lia being betrothed to the prince of Dalbreck and it is time for their wedding. Lia doesn't want to marry him because she has never met him and has no idea anything about this dude other than their marriage is a key alliance in a war against the Kingdom of Venda (the barbarians). Lia and her chamber maid Pauline dip out and escape like minutes before the wedding is supposed to happen. They end up going to this town that Pauline grew up in and work/live in an inn of a friend of hers. While at the inn, Lia meets Rafe and Kaden. One of which is an assassin sent by the Kingdom of Venda to kill her and the other is the Prince of Dalbreck that she stood up, but she just thinks they are two regular guys. They are both super hotties and very mysterious. I was Team Rafe the whole time because he looks like Theo James in my brain and I just loved how angsty and passionate he is. Kaden doesn't disappoint either, though! I pictured him to look like Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf) and that in itself is enough to read the book. Kaden is very charming and warm and inviting. It really is a toss up to which guy you will prefer depending on your personal tastes and who you guess to be the assassin and prince.

Let's just take a moment and appreciate the beauty.

Ok.. Sorry. Got weird for a second. ANYWAY. The most unique thing about this book is the alternating POVs. You keep Lia's POV primarily, but you also get the POV of the assassin, the prince, Kaden, and Rafe. You don't know who is the prince and who is the assassin. It gets really intense because Lia develops a relationship with both of the guys but you have no idea which one is the bad guy and which one is the good guy. I was taking notes on my bookmark and I still ended up getting it wrong!!! I was so surprised that I guessed wrong. I really thought I had it all figured out, but the twist really threw me for a loop.

I really like Lia's character. From the beginning she is so against everything that everyone wants from her. Yes, that makes her selfish and sometimes irrational but she doesn't take crap and doesn't just go with the flow for the sake of keeping peace. She isn't afraid of hard work and actually makes a point to prove to everyone that she isn't a delicate little princess who needs to be doted upon. She can hang with the boys and doesn't mind getting down and dirty when necessary. Even with everything that happens, she still stays strong and doesn't waiver. She does grow as a person as the book goes on and goes from thinking mainly of herself to thinking about the bigger picture. I really can't wait to see her in the next book because I think she is going to go cray and burn down everything in the whole world.

Like I said before, the book does get a little muddy in the middle. It draaaaaaags on and on (which is why it took me so long to finish. I kept starting and stopping), but once you get over the hump it is ALL downhill. The last quarter of the book goes super quick because you are freaking out over everything that is happening. The ending is OMG worthy. It leaves on a huge HUGE cliffhanger and I really don't know how I am going to make it until July when the sequel comes out. I was literally flipping pages at the end of the book to see if I missed something because I was like "THAT CAN'T BE HOW IT ENDS ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME ABOUT TO BLOW UP THE WORLD." Definitely check this book out! It will not disappoint!!

 4/5 stars