Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Santa Baby

We keep getting requests from family members for my Christmas list. So what do you buy a book nerd? Well here is what is on our personal Christmas lists (if you are reading husbands and families, BUY THIS STUFF), so maybe it will give you some ideas to put on yours! Click on the links to go directly to the item!

-This awesome Shatter Me inspired t-shirt. It features a quote from the book's heroine Juliette which I LOVE. 

-This Vampire Academy t-shirt that is from the school they attend. Love!!

-The It's A Metaphor quote from The Fault in Our Stars. Seriously, who doesn't love Augustus and his metaphor? *sobs just thinking about it*

-This Dauntless t-shirt because I will always be team Divergent.
(all of the above is from the same Etsy shop. They have killer book t-shirts, check them out!)

-The Eye of Elena necklace from Throne of Glass. Everyone needs their very own protection 
necklace, duh.

-This beautiful Alice in Wonderland infinity scarf. WANT.

-A Mockingjay Necklace to show your rebel pride!

-An Espresso Patronum coffee mug for all your wizardly coffee needs

-This GORGEOUS Obsidian necklace to ward you of Arum. (not dropping any hints but.....please please please!)

-Nothing screams romance like the Chaols amethyst ring from Throne of glass 

-Did someone say shadowhunter pjs

-More bookshelves! I always need more room to put books because I need.all.the.books.

-This The Selection T is a must have

-Gift cards to stores like Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, or Amazon

-Books, books, BOOKS! Seriously, if you want to buy the best gifts, just go check our any reader's To-Read list on their GoodReads account. Just make sure they haven't already bought them!

I know it is early to be thinking about the holidays, but they will be here before you know it. I always try to get my shopping done early anyway. You also have to consider with the gifts listed above the wait time that comes with a custom order plus shipping time. Never too early to get started!