Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Altered by Jennifer Rush

Altered by Jennifer Rush

I didn’t want to read this book because of the cover…. But then again I’m a girl and anything with tattooed hotties is my kryptonite; so I became weak and caved into reading Altered. When I first started this book I was like “mmm ok I’m supposed to believe that this top secret government funded project involving human subjects is conveniently located in some guys basement? wow this is going to suck."

Turns out this book was actually pretty good and enjoyable quick read. (Why it was so enjoyable? I don’t know! It just was!) All the things that I thought sounded lame from reading the synopsis were actually pretty cool and also were very well explained throughout the book.

The main character Anna seems like your average home schooled jungle freak that has no friends or really any social life at all.  The only human interaction she has is with her scientist father and the four boys they have locked up as part a government experiment (of course right). When the project is suddenly decided to come to an end the boys decide it's their chance to escape. While escaping a series of misfortune events happen and the boys promise the scientist to take Anna with them and protect her. 

As far as the boys go there’s Sam the swoon worth leader jerk turn nice guy, Nick the bully with so much mystery surrounding him, Trev who seems like the bff boy next door, and then Cas (my favorite character) who bring in the comic relief and is one of the main reason I fell for this story. I loved how well these characters went together and how they feed off one another. ALSO it doesn't hurt that they all sound so hot! This story has so much going for it and none of it I saw coming. The action scenes are well played out and the characters are so loveable along with well written. The story sprinkles in lots of plot twist and the ending really sets up everything for book two.

The only reason I didn't give this read a higher review is because sometimes the characters did make me a little mad with their stupidity. They would just have these moments that make you want to slap your forehead. It was nothing to crazy too make me not recommend this to someone. This book was a cute and fun ride till the end. If  you like sarcastic boys you'll love this book. 

As usual I'll have the review for book two (Erased) up later on.