Sunday, October 5, 2014

Losing It by Cora Carmack

Currently, I am knee deep in a really heavy series (see Mortal Instruments posts) and needed a quick filler book to break up some of the heaviness. I've seen this book going around Goodreads, so I decided to give it a shot.

I read this entire book in about two hours, so needless to say it is a very quick read. If you're looking for a life changing, make you feel all the feels book, this isn't it. Sorry, but it just isn't. If you are looking for a cute yet predictable, slightly indecent romance book to entertain you for a few hours, this is definitely it. Oh, and this book is definitely not YA. I would think it would fall somewhere between Romance and NA (mostly romance) but it is definitely heavier on the sex scenes than YA is.

The story starts with Bliss (love her name, btw) who reveals to her BFF Kelsey that she is a 22 year old virgin (the horror!!!!). Kelsey drags Bliss out for a drunken night so they could find her a guy to lose her V card to. She meets this ridiculously gorgeous British guy named Garrick in a bar reading Shakespeare (I never said the book wasn't full of cliches). Lots of tequila and a little bit of Jack later, they end up back at her apartment so she can get the D. Well, she freaks out right before it happens and makes up an excuse about having to pick up her cat at the vet (side note: she doesn't even own a cat) and leaves this hot naked dude in her bed. Fast forward to the next day, turns out hot British dude (HBD) is her professor in one of her theater classes. Yadda yadda yadda.. things are awkward, there is a love triangle for like two chapters, she actually ends up adopting a cat, HBD still wants to get with her even though she is his student, she is totes confused, everyone gets mad at her for a little bit because of some stuff, she says eff it and does the secret romance with HBD, they get mono together and nurse each other back to health... Then the ending which is filled with lots of romance and hearts and steamy sex. The epilogue has even more super romantic stuff and the real ending leaves you with HEARTS HEARTS HEARTS.

So like I said definitely a cute light read that will leave you smiling. I'm giving 4/5 stars only because it doesn't make my top favorite lists and didn't leave me feeling all the feels (you know angerfest, cryfest, lovefest, madfest, relieffest, then more angsty cheesy lovefest) that YA books normally leave me feeling. I think I'll stick with my preferred genre.

4/5 stars