Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Bodies We Wear: Jeyn Roberts

The Bodies We Wear: Jeyn Roberts 

People say when you take Heam, your body momentarily dies and you catch a glimpse of heaven. Faye was only eleven when dealers forced the drug on her and her best friend, Christian. But Faye didn’t see heaven she saw hell. And Christian died. Faye spends her time keeping secrets from those around her and training to seek revenge on the dealers who took her life away. When a mysterious young man named Chael appears, Faye's life gets even more complicated. Chael seems to know everything about her, including her past. dom dom dom! Will her thirst for vengeance be worth the risk or will the need swallow her whole. 

So I spotted TBWW at my local B&N and it was with a lot of other Halloween/seasonal reads so I figured it was going to be spooky and would prep me for Halloween. Nope, turns out just the title is scary. I should go ahead and get this out of the way... THIS BOOK IS VERY PREDICTABLE. I figured out the whole thing by page fifty. That being said I still really enjoyed Roberts' writing style.

I had a love hate relationship with the leading lady. She's stubborn, irrational, and makes ridiculous choices. She has some pretty rad fighting scenes throughout this book and it's really the only thing I liked most about her. The thing I didn't like about her is that she was constantly saying she had no emotions... and for a girl with no emotions she sure did talk about hers a lot... Then there's the "mysterious" Chael. He's really not that mysterious... and by not really I mean he's not at all. *SLIGHT SPOILER AHEAD*. I figured out before page fifty that Chael was basically wearing a skin suit; and that Chael was actually Christian. Why he insist on being called Chael is beyond me. The main thing he has going for him is the fact that he sounds really hot. Black hair Green eyes sign me up... Besides that I didn't really feel all that connected to him. There are some sweet moments, and nice quotes scattered around this book, but plot is a little spotty. I was left having some underlying questions that never got answered. This book had one "twist" that sprung up that I didn't see coming but it didn't follow through. When the big moment following it happened it was a short sizzle and then was blown out. 

The author does quite a bit of flashbacks to Faye and Christian's childhood and those along with the few fight scenes were probably the two most favorable things about this book. TBWW had the potential to be a top pick, but just kind of fell flat.  I will say again that I did enjoy the way she wrote so more than likely I'll pick up other books by her in the future.

The Bodies We Wear was not one of those flip your table five-star reads, but it was enjoyable enough that I did get through it and wasn't mad I read it after.  

6/10 stars