Sunday, October 12, 2014

Take Me Tomorrow: Shannon A. Thompson

Take Me Tomorrow by Shannon A. Thompson

"You have no filter do you?" "I have no fear, I think there's a difference." 

Two years after the massacre, the government enforces stricter rules and harsher punishments on anyone rumored to support tomo. Tomo is the clairvoyant drug that caused a regional uprising. Sophia Gray has other and bigger problems. Between her father’s illegal forgery and her friends secrets spilling out left and right the last thing Sophia sees coming is a boy. He’s wild, determined, and one step ahead of her. When Noah pulls her and her friends in too deep she has to decide, stay by his and their sides and fight for the future or stand aside and potentially sacrifice her loved ones.

Leah and I were contacted by Shannon A. Thompson and was asked if we would read a couple of her books and to do reviews on them. I'm kind of sad to say that until now I had never heard of her. I'm glad to say that's not the case anymore!

First let me state that I love the cover of this book... Did I say love, because Yes I  LOVE it. But to the important stuff... This book cuts right to things, Mrs. Thompson clearly has no time to play around. It goes right into action and introduces us to the kick ass Sophia Gray. When Sophia is making her rounds around her property she runs into a boy whose clearly running from something. After forcing him to leave her property, by force I mean she threatens him with a throwing knife, she knows that things aren't what they seem. Of course sticking with ya trend you know she is going to end up running into him again somewhere...  and I personally would love to run into Noah anywhere... whoosh ya boy sounds dirty hot! He makes my cheeks blush and my eyebrows wiggle. *pulls out paper fan and cools off in true southern fashion*

Even though this hottie is hot he is also dangerous. Mainly because he's all jacked up on drugs. Noah is a tomo addict and uses it to help himself out in planning his next steps and to try to keep ahead of everyone else. Not only is Noah doing the tomo he is constantly putting Sophia and her loved ones in danger. It also doesn't help that she is constantly being left in the dark by all of them *sigh so like guys to leave out important information*.  Even though she doesn't want her friends to have anything to do with bad boy Noah she finds herself struggling to keep her distance because somehow he keeps wiggling his way further in her life like a splinter. This bring me to something that Thompson did that I really liked. SHE DIDN'T DO INSTA LOVE!!!! The romance between Sophia and Noah built and I appreciated it. Yeah, so Noah might not be boyfriend material, but you know us girls love a good fixer upper and Sophia is no diff. (I also loved that she lays a WWE Raw Smack-down on him as well.)  This read is action packed and fast paced. It didn't slow down the whole time and had far from predictable twist that I really enjoyed.  I feel like normally books just slam action at the start and finish, but Thompson did an excellent job keeping the pace throughout the whole book.

I did want a little more world building. There's one part where Noah starts explaining that they aren't really where she thinks they are (Kansas), but it's never further discussed and I wish it would have been. I also wish there would have been more talk about what it was like when you do tomo. What do you see? Is it like the movie Limitless and you just see the next steps or do you see lots of things? So I felt there were a few pot holes in this story. I got so much out of Sophia and Noah that I wish I would have gotten out of the sub characters as well... I was hoping  her father would have been a more active character... I always find myself thinking during ya books "where are these kids parents, they all just can't be out of town on business all the time", but apparently they are. 

To wrap this all up I will say that when I started this book I was doing laundry at the same time, and before I knew it I had been sitting on the washer reading for thirty minutes and hadn't even noticed; I was that pulled in that the little bell at the end of the wash was the only thing that broke my focus. I still had a lot of unanswered questions when I finished reading that I wish I would have gotten more details on... I'm not going to point any fingers but someone better be writing a sequel to this *cough Shannon cough*.

I'm very much looking forward to reading the next book she has sent me and anything she write in the future. 

7/10 Stars