Thursday, October 2, 2014

Rush: Eve Silver

Wow... Mmmm I'll more than likely have bruises on my legs for awhile because I kicked my coffee table while I was frantically fangirling over that ending!

I'm surprised that after I read this I could even form thoughts let alone sentences.

I ordered Rush by Eve Silver in a huge summer book haul and it's been sitting on my bookshelf for months now... Mainly because I had no idea what this book was about. It was just recommended to me because I'm massively obsessed with aliens! Like crazy obsessed. I also dabble a wee bit in video games too aka Nintendo 64, so this seemed like a good fit for me. So when I finally picked it up and checked it out on goodreads and saw what it was about I thought "yeah this doesn't sound like my kind of book even with the aliens" ...

*clears throat*
Wait a second... Can someone please hand me a glass of water because ya girl is choking on her words.

When this book started I was kind of confused and still doubtful but about half way through is when my opinion changed. Things started to become more clear and questions were being answered. I love the two main characters so much. Miki is sarcastic and sassy with just the right amount of fear. Jackson is cocky and annoying but in all the right ways to make you love him; plus his appearance had me constantly singing that sunglasses at night song... because he wears his sunglasses at night.... Miki friends however I could careless about them especially Carly. If she was my best friend I would straight throat punch her! She's a serious B. Anyways, I loved the game references so much more than I thought I was going to too. Gaming books/book styles is never something I've gotten into but this book might change that for me. I don't know if this book just came at the right time or what!

So you're probably now wondering about my rating... The reason that I gave it the 9 instead of the full 10 is only because I felt like the plot was a little Swiss cheese... Hopefully those gaps will be filled in book two. Besides the few minor holes both the plot and concept of this book are so unique and amazing. This book is packed with action as well. There's hardly a moment when something isn't happening. I never found myself wanting to page skim or sighing hoping something will happen. I will say I'm not the biggest fan of the whole love at first site concept, but I really didn't mind it so much in this story even though I'm a little so/so on the way it was explained (that sounds odd and confusing but if you read it I think you'll pick up what I'm putting down). On top of all the aliens, action, and my oh so favorite romance this read has one of the best cliff hanger endings ever! (applause worthy for sure!) My hands are itching already to get a hold of Push the second book in this trilogy... Which i might add is currently sold out in my area and it might be the death of me.

Overall I would recommend this book to anyone who loves Ender's Game, Counter Strike, and Rachel Hawkins.

9/10 stars