Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Awake At Dawn by C.C. Hunter

You know, for a series that I didn't even know existed until a few weeks ago, I'm really digging it. In book two, Kylie is still on her journey at Shadow Falls to figuring out what she is. We still don't get any answers in this book, but we find out a lot more info about what she is capable of. By the end, I was pretty frustrated that what Kylie is doesn't have a definite name yet. I mean, she is showing traits of all the supernaturals but CAN WE JUST FIND OUT WHAT SHE IS! So frustrating.

Also in this book, the love triangle continues between Kylie, Lucas, and Derek. Most of the book is spent with Kylie and Derek. I feel really bad for Derek because he really digs Kylie. Like really, really digs her, but he knows that she has feelings for Lucas. She doesn't know exactly what her feelings for Lucas are, but they are definitely there. So after dicking him around for the majority of the book, poor Derek finally gets mad about it. Lucas isn't in the book for the most part until the very end where he really steps up his game and does some B.A. stuff. I know there are still three more books to go, but I am definitely still team Lucas. Who knows what can happen in three books though. 

Miranda and Della grow even closer with Kylie. All three of them have to step out of their comfort zones to help the friendship grow and it's pretty awesome (minus what happens to poor wittle Socks). I am also really enjoying the sister-like relationship Kylie has with Holiday. I really don't think Kylie would be able to figure out her journey without Holiday. Sara also pops back up and some really deep stuff happens. It gets really scary and sad for a little bit. I was practically screaming at the book for Kylie to take her head out of her behind and realize what was going on. I think I figured it out a few chapters before she did. 

This review is short and to the point because there isn't a whole lot to say since it is one of those books that you know is a stepping stone to some big stuff that's going to happen in the next few. Just know I am really loving this series and am super excited to read what happens next! As a matter of fact, the third/fourth combo book just came out today so go grab your copy. I just picked mine up from the bookstore and cannot wait to jump into it! Warning, if we don't find out what Kylie is in the next book I may or may not freak the eff out.

4/5 stars