Tuesday, October 7, 2014

REBOOT!: Amy Tintera

Reboot by Amy Tintera is the first book in the Reboot Duology. When I first read the synopsis of this book I had to do a double take because I thought someone had written a biography about me....

Girl has no emotions, a bad case of resting bitch face, and hates everything...

Turns out it wasn't about me it was just about my new favorite fem heroine Wren! And yeah you guessed it Wren is a reboot. A reboot is when someone dies and comes back to life then becomes part of a government program where they are trained to basically be the new form of police. The thing about reboots is they are ranked by a number system, the longer you're dead the higher you are ranked. Your rank is tattooed on your wrist with a little bar-code. The longer you're dead means the less human emotions you come back with. With the lack of emotions your number also indicates the faster your healing ability is and be a better fighter you'll be.

Wren was dead 178 minutes after being shot in the chest. She is well known for having the highest reboot number in all of Texas. Oh and yeah she's been trained to live up to that number. In one scene she even talks about how she overcame her fear of gun by being repeatedly shot in the chest by her trainer.

Wren helps with the new recruits and only trains the higher ranking new reboots. She has the highest mission success rate, and she is a girl that doesn't break the rules... that is until a new recuit seems comes into the picture. (Que some Taylor Swift music because we knew this boy was trouble when he walked in.) Callum is the lowest ranking reboot sporting a number 22. After Callum decides to take a liking to Wren and convinces her to train her all the shizz hits the fan. Wren has to decide between this new odd feeling she has for the overly smiley Callum or the government in which she loves.

Reboot is the odd sort of book that pretends to be something it is not, and that's a good thing. This book tells you what it is from the get go and does the whole hiding in plain sight thing. You don't piece together the obvious till around the middle. This read was truly unexpected and was a random find for both Leah and I. Wren is the definition of a Bad Ass! She is hands down my favorite female in any ya book I've read. She's the kind of girl who kicks ass and takes names. She will pull your arms off then use them to beat you and anyone with you to death without even breaking a sweat. She really owns every fight seen that is written.The relationship between her and Callum is so amazing. Amy really wrote them to be  complete opposites and I think that's why I love them so much. Its so rare in the books we read that the female doesn't become a strong character, that she already is one and the guy is leaning on her for support.

This book really was a sweet sixteen of reads. Just overall a good time.

 9/10 Stars

(side-note: I have read the second book in this series; Rebels, and I'll have the review for that up maybe in a few weeks.)