Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pivot Point: Kasie West

Pivot Point: Kasie West

What would you do if you knew the outcome of your life... If you could see the outcome of both paths and what would happen to you in each one... This is Addison Coleman's life.

Addie has the ability as a searcher to look into the future and see both of the outcomes. When Addie's parents announce they're getting divorced you think she would have seen it coming, but that is the least her worries. She is faced with having to pick between living with her mom in the para world; or moving out of the compound in the norm world with her father. When her best friend
Leila convinces her to just take a little dip into the future pond Addie searches six weeks into the future to see what both worlds would hold. 

In one of the potential futures Addie is trying to adjust to the "norm" life at a new high school with a made up background story and being the predictable loner new girl. That is until she meets Trevor. The ex football star who seems to understand her better than most. In the other future Addie is being pursued by the hottest and most popular guy in school Duke who also just happens to be the football teams star quarterback. When Addie’s father is asked to consult on a murder in the Compound in both futures, she’s drawn into a dangerous game that threatens everything she knows and loves. With the risk of loss and love in both lives, she'll have to decide which future she can live with and what she's willing to live without.

Let me start off by saying Wow just wow. I didn't see this read coming. I have never read anything by Kasie West until now, but I will be buying books by her in the future. Her writing style is flawless! Seriously I need to go take a Tylenol after reading this book... because my mind was that blown.

I am very good at predicting most book ending, and when I thought I had it figured out West

would shock my socks off with twist that I think anyone whose read it can agree, we didn't see coming. I have always find myself disliking books that have dramatic changes in time and even places and flip back and forth... Never once did I feel that way about this book. West's writing keeps you from needing to stop and ask for directions.

Not only is the plot super strong so are the characters. Addie is so strongly written she feels like an extension of yourself. Duke was so disgustingly loveable and you'll hate how much you like him because he is the epitome of "dude". Trevor, whoosh never thought I'd be swooning over a boy who wears cowboy boots, but there's a first time for everything. Then there Addie's best friend Leila WHO I LOVE!!!! She is all sass and brass.

This book has so much going for it and probably turned out to be one of the biggest surprise reads Ive came across this year... Since I fear I can't go to into detail because of spoils I'll leave it at this.

If you walk into the book store and you have the choice between two futures; one being another book from your TBR list and the other being Pivot Point take the path that leads to this book. You wont be disappointed in the outcome or end up with "what ifs". 

9.5 Stars 


**I just finished this book and I want to add to Angela's review by saying OMG WOW. This book really blew me away. I kept texting Angela saying I felt like I was in inception because it was like a thing within a thing within a thing. Killer book that took me all of 12 hours to read (that's including being at work for 8 of those hours so that should say how quick this read was). I'm really looking forward to reading book 2 just to see how the story continues. The ending was amazing even though it wasn't exactly how I had hoped (#teamtrevor). I just loved this book!! 5/5 stars from Leah!