Monday, October 13, 2014

Angela and Aliens

As you might know by now I'm a little obsessed with aliens. So I decided I would do a little something and talk about my favorite and least favorite alien book/series. 

I have a pretty wide range of alien themed books in my collection. Featured in the pictures in this blog are just a handful of my favorites and one that I felt didn't stand up to the rest. 

My top three favorite Alien reads are: 
  1. The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout. It'll be as hard as Daemon's abs not to give out any spoilers but I'll do my best! *takes deep breath*

    I CANT EVEN START TO EXPLAIN HOW MUCH I LOVED LUX!!!!! LIKE HOLY ALIEN BABIES EVERYWHERE MY MIND HAS BEEN BLOWN AND MY HEART HAS BEEN STOLEN BY THIS SERIES... I was a little so/so about it at first because the covers for this series are a  little too old school romance novel for me, but thank the alien gods above that I didn't let that keep me from reading it! I finished all five books in less than 3 days! Each book gets better and better. I normally find myself saying how much I like the first book more than the third or the second one didn't match up well with the last, etc. etc. This wasn't an issue with this series each book is better than the last! (Opal and Origin are tied for my personal favorite bc THOSE ENDING!!!!!! OMG!!!!!) The level of sarcasm, romance, and action in this series is off the charts! Like holy hot alien scenes!!! I don't wanna live in a world where humans and aliens can't be together (sounding creepy?! I probably do but these books make me not care.) These books had me laughing, crying, screaming, and wanting to flip over tables with excitement. The characters are amazing, well built, hilarious, and just over all lovely! Its been a very long time since I have been this excited about a book series. I'm 100% sure that Jennifer Armentrout wrote this series just for me, I mean aliens, romance, and witty comebacks will forever be the key to my heart and Jennifer Armentrout is the key master! All I really needed to say is DAEMON BLACK!! If you look up the word swoon in the dictionary all that will be there is a picture of him.
2.  The 5th Wave series by Rick Yancey. So far there are only two of these books out, and I'm sure by now you've either read this series or have heard of it. I don’t know how I fell upon this book, but I am so thankful I did! THE 5TH WAVE and THE INFINITE SEA ARE AMAZING! No wonder they are already making it into a movie without the series even being finished yet! I downloaded the sample of it on my kindle then instantly bought it after getting that small taste of it. This series surprised me in so many ways. There were parts that you could predict but then he added things to those sections that you didn’t see coming. I normally don’t fall head over heels for books that switch povs a lot, but Yancey did it so flawlessly! The characters were witty, smart, and charming. I feel like sometimes with a male writer it’s so hard for them capture how a female thinks, talks, and acts but HE GETS IT! These books are frustrating, overwhelming, and are far from disappointing. The way he build up worlds, scenes, and character and then breaks them back down will have you brain swearing at you. Yancey has taken alien invasions to a whole new crazy mind-blowing level. If you haven't had the privilege of reading this series go out right now and pick it up. You wont be let down. 

3. Alienated by Melissa Landers is probably a book you've seen but judged by it's cheese ball cover. Please don't. This book is probably one of the sweetest little nuggets I've picked up all year. I love the idea of having an alien foreign exchange program. Landers wrote cute and loveable characters. I love the fact that Aelyx, the main "man" in this book, starts off hating everything..."It's chocolate. You'll love it" "That's what you said about Skittles. I vomited a rainbow afterward". He's such a negative Nancy turned into a positive Patty and I loved it. I really enjoyed the fact that the aliens in this book helped the world and weren't here to crush it. It was an interesting and as I said before sweet experience to read. Looking forward to Invaded coming out next year. 

Now to the book that disappointed....... 

Gravity by Melissa West. No this isn't the version with Sandra Bullock in it... Anyways, I think it might be because I was coming down from a book hangover from my last read but either way this book was just blah. This book didn't just let down aliens it's probably the biggest book let down I've experienced all year.This is your typical teenaged-heroine-saves-the-world but she should have left her daddy to do his job read that really doesn't add anything new to the ever growing Ya. I HATED how she described aliens... "But they aren’t like us. If you look closely you can see their skin is neither white nor brown, neither light nor dark. See,” she says, tapping the screen, “it’s almost golden." by that description, I'm pretty sure 95% of our followers are aliens. The main character Ari is more than capable of kicking ass but chooses
to have to stalker alien bf do it for her. Yawn. Like Ari could have been bad-ass but then she thinks things like this..."I don’t know what to say. I don’t know what to think. All I know is that I’m in trouble, maybe even we’re in trouble, yet all I can think about is the way he just said my name. Ari. He says it like I’m more than just a girl who everyone recognizes but no one sees." GOOD GOD! EVERYONE JUST GO AHEAD AND KILL YOURSELVES NOW BECAUSE ONE DAY THIS TRICK IS GOING TO BE OUR MILITARY LEADER. Oh and I haven't even mentioned that the aliens sneak into your room every night and rape your soul. The aliens in this book despite having all this "superior evolution and technology" on us are dumb as F. Overall I thought this book was gonna be bitchin and it should be tossed in a Ditchin..... bad rhyme but not as bad as this book. If this is really what our world will end up like I'm just gonna go out and drown myself.