Saturday, October 11, 2014

Proxy: Alex London

Proxy by Alex London is a story about Knox who was born into one of the wealthiest families. He has more than anyone should have along with owning his own proxy.  When Knox does something naughty his proxy takes the punishment.  When Knox breaks a vase, his proxy is beaten. When Knox plays a practical joke his proxy is forced to haul rocks. When Knox crashes a car killing the girl he’s trying to score with his proxy is branded and sentenced to death. Syd is Knox’s proxy. After being sentence Syd flees and “kidnaps” Knox.  They are forced to go cross country to find out the truth that's been hidden from both of them. They encounter gangs, thieves, death,  battles, and uncover the truth that could prove that some debts cannot be repaid.

Ok confession time... I bought Proxy because I wanted the free shipping from Barnes and Nobles. So I spent the extra 8 dollars and I couldn’t be happier that it did. The cover in my picture isn't the same cover as the hardback and I wish it was, the HC is so much prettier. This book isn’t your typical ya read it's a new futuristic spin on
The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman.  I might just be speaking for myself, but I know as a female reader it is harder for me to get into a leading male characters and this book has two. I had no problem liking and relating to either of them and by the end I loved both of them more than I could have thought. I know I’ve said in the past I usually don’t go for books with male protagonist, gamer style, and no real romantic sub plot, but Proxy still held its own.
The writing is a little; ummm, different than I 
normally like and seems a little clunky in some parts, but in the long run it turn out the be a breath of fresh air. The characters themselves made up for the spotty plotty start as well. I can’t even express how much I loved that Syd is both a character of color and homosexual. Syd is also pretty broke, he's both living and working in a repair store for some pretty sketchy dude who he sees as a father figure. Knox the other main man is your typical prefect sarcastic a-hole from the upper class who you fall in love with by the end. Side note: YA BOYS DAD IS A D! One character has everything and one character has nothing. The sub characters hold their own as well through out the story, and Syd's best friend is too cute. I was hoping maybe for a little something something between them, but sadly it never arrived. In several parts of the story they do some chatting about Syd's childhood and it was probably some of the more favorable moments in the book. London does a great job on world building along with striking all emotional chords as the story progresses. The discussion on taking personal  responsibly make this a nice coming of age story. As Knox discovers that Syd is more than deserving of what is rightfully his you're left remember how lucky you are to have your own freedom. The risk London takes in his writing are risk that pay off.
This story however is a tortoise and the hare race of a read. It’s all about pacing yourself. The story’s slow start is worth it for the gripping ending. Another thing this book has going for it is character development! The relationship between Knox and Syd is so unusual it made for something really pleasant and surprising to experience. I will say it one more time THIS ENDING IS AMAZING and beautiful and had me so surprised.
I liked Proxy, but I didn't love it, just liked. I'd still definitely recommend it for anyone new to the dystopian thing but are looking for a new entry in the genre.  Overall Proxy is a light read that was nice to have around to catch a break from the norm. 

7/10 Stars